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A typical K.O.R.E treatment will take anywhere between 45 minutes to 1 hour and may include various forms of treatments such as muscle testing, tuina massage, abdominal massage (anmo fu), cupping therapy, cranial and pelvic balancing, spinal and neck releases and Qi Gong.



Tui na Massage

Tui na (pronounced "twee nah") is an extremely popular, fully-clothed form of Chinese therapeutic massage used for trauma, injury and musculoskeletal problems.


Anmo Fu (Abdominal Massage)

Anmo Fu is described as the most beneficial treatment system for the complete human being; It is a deep oil-based massage focussed on the abdominal region. Many illnesses and conditions are connected to the abdominal from stress and anxiety to bowel and back problems and skin complaints.


Cupping Therapy

This therapy involves the use of warm suction glass jars on an oiled body as a therapeutic massage system, designed to treat a wide range of physical problems from pain and muscle spasms to cellulite, colds and flu. The cups are warmed and applied to the body by creating a vacuum. The suction and warmth has a dramatic effect on the immune system of the body by moving blood and lymph and stimulating the muscle and spinal nerves.



Using KORE’s unique muscle testing system we can quickly evaluate all of the cranial bones, sutures and movements for faults that can influence the whole body. Treatment takes the form of gentle mobilisations of the pelvis, spine and neck, mixed with deep energetic release techniques for pelvic ligaments and the cranial bones themselves.


Qi Gong

Energy is focussed on the healing of each ligament or organ balance as necessary; very gentle holding and release pattern techniques are used to increase qi and blood flow, quickly reducing pain and inflammation.


Facial Gua Sha

Gua Sha uses small theraputic implements to gently massage and stimulate certain acupressure points along the face and neck to promote Qi (energy) flow and remove toxins. Beauty benefits of Gua Sha include reducing wrinkles, sagging, dark circles under the eyes, puffy eyes, age spots, discolourations and an overall dull complexion.







Cancelled appointments - you will be charged 50% if you fail to show up or give less than 24 hours notice

when cancelling a session.